HFX therapy – changing the lives of back pain sufferers

If you’ve tried physical therapy, pain medication, or invasive back surgery without any relief, advanced spinal cord stimulation or HFX therapy may be the answer to your prayers.

Living with chronic pain takes an enormous toll on sufferers – not just physically but also mentally, impacting on their relationships and working life. Many people try everything from physical therapy and medications to invasive surgeries, only to have their pain return or in some cases made worse by the side effects of treatments.

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) has been shown to relieve chronic back and limb pain in people who have tried other treatments without success. This technology has been used for pain treatment since 1967 and reduces pain by electrically modifying pain signals in the spinal cord via stimulator leads and electrodes placed in the epidural space.

A good percentage of SCS patients experience a significant reduction in pain – some by as much as 50 to 70 percent. Traditional SCS doesn’t actually take away pain, but instead uses low-frequency pulses to mask pain signals with tingling, numbness or prickling sensations (paraesthesia). Most patients do not find the sensations unpleasant and certainly an improvement to experiencing ongoing pain.

Recent advancements have resulted in a new, higher frequency version of spinal cord stimulation, called HFX therapy. HFX uses high-frequency pulses (10kHz compared to 70Hz) to actually block pain signals, and as a result none of the unpleasant occasional side effects of SCS are present. As a more stable therapy, HFX is also approved for use while driving – allowing many patients to return to normal life.

Patients who have benefitted from HFX Spinal Cord Stimulation have reported they can again do the things that so many of us take for granted – with many patients experiencing no pain at all.

Although the results are encouraging and treatments are reversible, careful patient selection is important and includes an assessment by a Pain Medicine Specialist and successful completion of a therapy trial.

Many patients spend years in painful trial and error searching for an effective way to manage their pain. Chronic or long-lasting pain is unique to each individual and requires careful consultation with a Pain Medicine specialist and a treatment plan tailored to their sneeds, circumstances and goals.

QPain is a leader in the newly developed HFX technology for spinal cord stimulation and have successfully treated many patients with this therapy who are now completely drug and pain-free. As Pain Medicine experts, they are sought out and trusted by hundreds of patients to produce consistent and effective outcomes in managing their pain and returning them to a normal life.