Sarah Creamer


Sarah graduated from the University of Queensland in 2010. She has worked in private practices both in Australia and in Europe, gaining valuable experience to enable high quality patient care.

Sarah has over 10+ years experience in general physiotherapy, but found a passion in persistent pain management, leading her to complete a Master of Science (Pain management) through the University of Sydney in 2019.

This has allowed her to treat with the most up to date, evidence- based practise. Sarah’s professional journey has taught her the value in multi-modal management, working collaboratively with her patients and their health team to create a rehabilitation program that educates and empowers clients to reach their goals.

Sarah uses a variety of strategies including but not limited to pain education, exercise prescription (functional movement, breathing and mindfulness), pacing and flare up planning, graded motor imagery, desensitisation and goal setting, to assist clients to best manage their pain.

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